Treatment of CVA Stroke Paralysis:

A Case Study of Tirath Prasad Tiwari-



NAME:                                 Tirath Prasad Tiwari

AGE:                                     95yrs.

SEX:                                      Male.

FATHER OF:                        Shiv Balak Tiwari

ADDRESS:                           Village-Shukulgama, District-Rewa (M.P.)

                                             Pin 486001   INDIA


DURATION OF ILLNESS: Since 10yrs back.

REASONS FOR ONSET:     Road traffic accident (Bus accident) Head Injury.


BACKGROUND INFORMATIONS :                              

        CV Attack on 04.04.2001


Clinical Features on 21st, March 2002


                   Right Hemiplegia with facial palsy

                   Pulse Rate: 84 per mt.

                   BP: 170/118 Hg

                   Stiffness in joints with restricted movements


Muscles Strength-

          Right Upper Limb: 0/5

            Right Lower Limb: 0/5

            Planter Reflex:        Positive



          Right Upper Limb: OK

            Right Lower Limb: OK


Assessment, on 27th, March 2002

after psychoplasty treatment


Muscles Strength-

          Right Upper Limb:  4/5

            Right Lower Limb:  4/5

            Planter Reflex:         Positive

            Facial muscles:        Improved OK

            Coordination of muscles in general:  Improved OK


The assessment was done by Dr. Devendra Singh (M.B.B.S., M.S.) Medical Officer and Surgeon, Govt. District Hospital, Satna (M.P.) India.



Statement of  Shiv Balak Tiwari-
(He is son of the patient, and retired staff artist of All India Radio)