Facial paralysis or Bell's Palsy Treatment:

A Case Study of Narendra Prachande-

Treated by Inductive Psychoplasty


NAME:                                 Narendra K Prachande  

AGE:                                     52 years

SEX:                                     Male.

ADDRESS:                           Manager (Stores), Prism Cement Ltd.

                                             Rajdeep Comlex, Satna (M.P.) INDIA

DURATION OF ILLNESS: Since 10yrs back.




Attack on 09.04.2003 during train journey

The Patient was treated five days in Poona (Maha Rashtra),

Then  he referred for psychoplasty treatment on 19.04.2003.


Clinical Features on 19th, April 2003


Left side facial palsy

Pulse Rate: 76 per mt.

BP: 160/110 Hg

Unable to blow

Unclear voice

Lips pulled toward healthy side

Sensory deficits: No abidance.


Assessment after 3 days, on 21st, April 2003


Fully recovered- Voice and other features normal

Appearance of face seen normal healthy


The assessment was done by Dr. Devendra Singh (M.B.B.S., M.S.) Medical Officer and Surgeon, Govt. District Hospital, Satna (M.P.) India


        Statement of Mr. Narendra K Prachande, after treatment-


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