Neuro Care Clinic
67, Debai Pukur Road, Hind Motor, District- Hooghly (W.B.) India -712233

Clinical Services-

1.  Inductive Psychoplasty
2.  PEMF | Transcranial rTMS
3.  Psychological Counselling
4.  Advance Physiotherapy
5.  Neuro-Rehabilitation
6.  Clinical Hypnotherapy


Neuro-Rehabilitation Learning Problems of School Children Mental Health and Behavioral Disorders-
 _ Paralysis-Hemiplegia, Facialpalsy
 _ Sensory Loss and Numbness
 _ Spondylosis-Cervical, Lumber
Muscles Reduction
 _ Contracture of Muscles
 _ Cerebral Palsy
Post-fracture Facilitation
 _ Reduction of Joints Mobility
 _ Spinal Injury Related Problems
Arthritis, Joints Pain and   Deformity
_ Attention Deficit Disorders
_ Poor Memory
_ Difficulty in Specific Subject
_ Phobia for School, Subject
_ Reading Disorders (Dyslexia)
Writing Disorder (Poor writing)
Hyper Active Disorder
Introversion or Extraversion
Speech Disorders
Obsessive Compulsions
Night Mare
Poor Confidence
Decreasing Rank in the Class
Lonely Living
Personality Disorders
_ Poor in Study and Performance
Skipping Ideas
_ Absent-minded or Inattentive

   Mental Health Clinic

bullet Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis
bullet Depression
bullet Anxiety Disorder/ Tension
bullet Attended Suicide and Suicide
bullet Post-traumatic Stress
bullet Phobias
bullet Insomnia
bullet Bipolar Effective Disorder (MDP)
bullet Hysteria
bullet Schizophrenia
bullet Addictions and Bad Habits

   Mental Health Clinic for Children

bullet Psychogenic Aphonia
bullet School Phobia
bullet Excessive Dependency
bullet Nail Biting/Thumb Suckling
bullet Nightmare (Terrible Dreams)
bullet Speech Disorders
bullet Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD)

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